Women as Leaders in STEM


Robotics Lab TeachingIn addition to my research career I have been heavily involved in outreach at the University of Chicago. My outreach efforts have primarily focused on helping women and minorities in the middle to high school age range learn and engage in STEM activities and enable them to become leaders in STEM fields.



Space Explorers Program

One of my most enjoyable projects at University of Chicago was being the lead instructor for the one year long Space Explorers Program during the 2014-2015 academic year. I had the privilege of working closely with a class of highly motivated, under-privileged minority students who are becoming first-generation college students. We spent more than 100 hours together working on weekly physics experiments or robotics projects I designed during the academic year. Then during the winter and the summer, I led a team of graduate students, postdocs and faculty members to design and teach two full-immersion science institutes: the 2014 Yerkes Winter and 2015 Summer Yerkes Institutes at the historic Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin.

  Yerkes Summer Institute         Mars Rover


Women in STEM

I also enjoy volunteering at various women in STEM outreach events as a workshop leader and organizer. Some of my most exciting experiences include teaching the workshop “Sphero: Choreograph A Robotic Dance” at the 2015 Expanding Your Horizons in Chicago. Recently my focus shifted to using programming to empower young girls to lead, discover and express themselves in a technology-driven world.