Hyperwall presentation on dark energy on behalf of WFIRST at the 233rd AAS meeting.

WFIRST — the Wide Infrared Survey Telescope — is one of the best equipped missions in the next decade to study dark energy.

Contrary to expectations for a Universe composed only of matter, the expansion of the Universe has been accelerating since the last few billion years. This accelerated expansion can only be explained by a new energy component, called dark energy. But what is the nature of dark energy? (How) does it evolve with time? Could it be a modification to our best-known laws of gravity — general relativity? These questions still need to be answered.

In this talk, aided by the superb resolution and captivating simulations displayed on the Hyper-wall, Chen explains the various probes for studying dark energy: galaxy clustering, gravitational lensing, standard candles and rulers. The route to discovery is ahead: WFIRST, with its exquisite control of systematics and cross-validation from multiple probes, will provide crucial information to help us unravel the mysteries of dark energy in the next decade.

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